The people of Botswana in are in plural called "Batswana" and in singular Motswana. Botswana was formerly known as Bechuanaland and it current name Botswana was adapted after the country became independent on 30 Sept 1966. Most of Botswana is covered by the Kalahari Desert. Botswana is situated in Southern Africa with Namibia to the west north, Zimbabwe to the North east and Zambia with a short poorly defined border to the north. South Africa lies in Botswana's south and south east. Botswana has a population of 2 million people. Botswana's economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa and in the world. Writing as an art form has existed in Botswana for a long while from the rock painting era especially in the Tsodilo Hills known to be 20,000 years old. Botswana has distinguished writers whose genres range from historical, political and witty story writing. Prominent amongst these are the South African born Bessie Head who settled in Serowe village, Andrew Sesinyi, Barolong Seboni, Unity Dow, Galesiti Baruti, Caitlin Davies and Moteane Melamu.

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