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Off the west coast of Africa -570 km on the Atlantic- lies Cape Verde which means the green cape in spite of the fact that Cape Verde even being an island is not very green due to rainfall patterns. It is an archipelago of ten islands. The islands, cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 km sq. The name Verde means green in Portuguese ( and Spanish) Cap Vert lies off the Senegalese Coast and means the same in French. It is a peninsula. Cabo Verde is Portuguese name for Cape Verde. The Portuguese explorer !6th Century, Diniz Dias and brother of Vasco Da Gama named the Cape Verde for the first time when he saw it on the famous trips to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa on his way to India to look for spices and to spread Christianity along the coasts of the lands visited. Sir Francis Drake and Charles Darwin (1832) also visited the islands which became in time quite prosperous. Drake ransacked the capital then, Ribeira Grande in the 1580s acting for the British Crown.

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