Chad is mostly a desert country. It is named after Lake Chad, the only large water body in the country. It is divided into several regions with a desert zone to the North, an arid middle and the more fertile Sudanese Savanna zone in the south. It lies landlocked and the desert climate isolates Chad. The capital of Chad is N'Djamena which was formerly known as Fort-Lamy. Chadians are Islamic, Christian and traditional believers. To the south of Chad is the border with the Central Republic of Africa, Cameroon lies southwest, Nigeria and Niger to the west and Libya to the north. Chad shares a border with the troubled Sudanese Darfur region. The Dafur crisis has been shared and it has threatened the stability of Chad. There are many Dafuri and other Sudanese who live in camps in east Chad. Human populations moved into the Chadian region in great numbers in the 7th Millennium BC. Chad’s population is 10. 6 million

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