The Republic of the Congo (known in KiKongo as Repubilika ya Kongo and in Lingala as Republiki ya Kongo) was in the past referred to as Congo-Brazzaville. The country lies in Central Africa. It is bordered by the Central African Republic to the north, Gabon and Cameroon to the west and the DRC formerly known as Zaire - during the Mobotu Presidency- to the east. Congo is also bordered by province of Kabinda and and the Gulf of Guinea. "(C) Kabinda, is an exclave and province of Angola, a status that has been disputed by many political organizations in the territory. The province... is divided into four municipalities - Belize, Buco Zau, Cabinda and Landana". The Congo region is dominated by Bantu-speaking peoples who engage in trade in the Congo Basin and other areas. DRC was formerly a French colony and gained independence in 1960. There are 62 languages in the Congo.

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