Ancient Egypt is well known. Egypt to day has been in the limelight in its search for the growth  of democratic processes. The Arab Spring saw to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. Egypt PEN writers have been active in not only envisaging a democratic country but a free continent too. Tahrir Square became a symbol for the possibility of people determining their course in life. Iqbal Baraka, a member of PEN here calls on writers in Africa to get to know one another, to read each other's works, to unite. 

Hieroglyphic scripts are the earliest known forms of writing. Egypt earliest samples of writing are from the year 300 to 400 BC. Hieroglyphs were last used in 396 AD. “mdwt ntr” (god’s words) is said to be an ancient script made by Thoth, a god. The Ancient Egyptians believed that writing came to them through Thoth who gave to them a script. Egypt is known as The Arab Republic of Egypt. It is the only transcontinental country in Africa. Egypt is powerful in Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean Basin and in Asia. Her neighbours are the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, Sudan to the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Red Sea to the east, Libya to the west. Area: 1,010,00 sq k. but people live mainly in some 40, 000 sq k near the banks of the River Nile. Population 80 million. About 40 million people live in the cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and other cities in the Nile Delta.12% of the working force is in the tourism industry. Her history is well known and studied in many parts of the world. Her monuments made her famous. The Great Sphinx and Giza pyramid complex are well known. She has ancient ruins. The ruins of the Nubia area have been lost after the construction of the Aswan Dam.Tahrir (Freedom) Square is now known all over the world as a place of strong resistance to oppression. In early 2011, there was a great revolution following a similar one in Tunisia. After 30 years in power, President Hosni Mubarak was ousted and Egypt turned over a new era in the Arab Spring.


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