Under Chap III, Fundamental rights, Freedom of Expression is upheld. "Article 15 

a.  Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully 
responsible for the abuse thereof. This right shall not be curtailed, restricted or 
enjoined by government save during an emergency declared in accordance with 
this Constitution.

At first named Monrovia and after the first president of America George Monroe, Liberia is bordered by Sierra Leone on the west, Guinea Conakry to the north and Ivory Coast to the east. Liberia has a long coastline. Liberia covers an area of 111,369 kilometers squared. The country which is mainly forest and grasslands is sparsely populated with only 3.7 million people. Liberia was populated by freed slaves from America at the beginning of 1820. The return  was a search for freedom without racial hindrance in Africa after being freed. Slaves were not repatriated. In 1847, these colonists founded the Republic of Liberia, established a government modeled on that of the United States. The few Americans who settle there dominated the economy of the country with the indigenous people, the majority, falling behind. Liberia is a founding member of United Nations and the Organization of African Unity. In 1980, a military coup overthrew the Americo – Liberian power. This was followed by two civil wars that left over 250 000 people dead. The country’s economy was in a shambles. Democratic elections were held in 2005.

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