Article 10  Expression, Association, Assembly, Movement, Religion

Freedom of opinion and expression, communication, press, association, assembly, travel, conscience, and religion shall be guaranteed to all and may be limited only in respect of the rights and liberties of others and of the necessity to safeguard public order.

Fomerly known as Malagasy, Madagascar or Madagasikara in Malagasy, Madagascar is an archipelago off the Southern African coast on the Indian Ocean. The island is 592,800 kilometers sq. It is the fourth-largest island in the world. The early people of Madagascar were from Borneo and mainland Africa. In time they were joined by Arabs, Malay, Javanese, Indian and French people. The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The population of Madagascar is estimated at 21.9 million. It is said that 90% of the species of wildlife found in Madagascar is not found anywhere else on earth. Madagascar is rich in diversity. The island is believed to have split from India 88 million years ago. Only 10% of the people of Madagascar are rich.

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